Dabble Lost $500,000 On NBA
App13 Mar 2024

Dabble Lost $500,000 On NBA

NURVPULSE, is the name on everyone's lips, and for very good reason may we add. You know us – we are all about sharing those epic winning moments with our fellow Dabblers, because well, that is what Dabble is all about, baby! We are the home of the social bet after all, with a cracker community to vouch for it! 🤝

So, why is nurvpulse the name that we can’t help but want to go and shout out from the rooftop? Well, we have all the juicy deets (as per usual 😉) If you are an NBA fanatic, this is one that you would want to get around – and that is on period!

Check out this slick vid for all of the spicy deets 🌶️:

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We reckon that nurvpulse deserves some serious bragging rights for this one! A 12-leg SGM with odds sitting at a jaw-dropping $187.90? Now, that is what we call a serious slam dunk moment. Oh, and let’s not forget about the 189 very lucky Dabblers who copied this bet – talk about spreading the winning vibes all around town! 🤑

One of the sweet perks of Dabble is that we not only help you and your mates experience that winning feeling, but we also have lightning-fast withdrawals which means you can get back to celebrating those wins quicker than you can say “score” (that is a bit of an over-exaggeration, but you get what we mean)! Do we need to say more?

Here is a pro tip, especially for you NBA lovers – make sure to give nurvpulse a follow on the Dabble app so you can stay up to date and have your finger on the pulse (see what we did there?) with all that nurvpulse has cooking for the upcoming weeks NBA action. And, if you find a bet that you likey, hit that copy bet button. ✅

It really does look like everyone's a winner on Dabble – so if you are yet to join the Dabble fam, come over and experience the difference. We promise that it will not disappoint! Click here and get started today!