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NBA17 Oct 2023

2023-24 NBA Season Preview

Are you as excited as us about the start of the new NBA season? We've been waiting a long while for this, but now the new season is upon us. A lot has changed between seasons, so we are super keen to see how each team will perform. Can Denver Nuggets continue their winning ways, or will a new team step up to the plate?

Before the first game tips off, let us take you through a preview of what we think will happen throughout the 2023-24 season. And as you know, many things can go down in any given season – so there is bound to be a number of curveballs.

Check out all our NBA tips and preview below:

Who Will Win The Central Division?

This is a one team division heading into the season. The Bucks made the splash they wanted when they traded in Damian Lillard. What they gain in Lillard, they lose tenfold without Jrue Holiday. He is one of, if not the best defensive guard in the league.

Not only do they lose him, but to see him end up with a conference rival will hurt even more. I expect the Cavs to be competitive, but the Bucks will win this convincingly. And for any Detroit fans, I can’t see this season being much fun for you to watch.

Who Will Win The Atlantic Division?

This could be one of the more competitive divisions we see this season. At the bottom will probably be Brooklyn and Toronto fighting it out, although I do see the Nets having some success this season without all the chaos they had last year. Boston looks to be the team to beat in the entire league right now.

Man, they nearly addressed every single thing they have been lacking the last few seasons. If they somehow fixed Jaylen Brown’s left hand, then they’d have fixed it all. Bringing in Porzingis and then Holiday... they’re stacked. Philly will be around the mark, but just like the Knicks, they’re missing too many pieces. Celtics win this comfortably.

Who Will Win The Southeast Division?

A lot of people might expect the Heat to win this division and win it well, but I’m not so sure. They didn’t manage to trade for Lillard or any major addition, which is not ideal for Miami fans. This means an unexpected result could be on the cards for the Southeast Division.

Washington and Charlotte will be battling it out at the bottom, but I am sneaky high on Orlando this season. They have a great group of youngsters who all complement each other. Don’t be surprised if they come out on top of this division – it's a long shot, but it’s a chance.

Who Will Win The Pacific Division?

Now this is a juicy contest here in the Pacific Division. You could honestly make a strong case for each of the five teams as to who will finish on top. I’m a Kevin Durant fan, so I will try not to be too bias here, but I think the Suns will be around the mark this season. They managed to add some depth to their lineup, and they have three of the most potent scorers in the game.

Normally you can’t just have a team try to simply outscore an opponent, but the Suns definitely could make this happen. The Kings will be better for their playoff run last year, and the Clippers look set to be a tough team once again. It’s all eyes on the Lakers, though, as they seem to have addressed their own issues in the offseason and if AD stays healthy (big if) they could be scary. Can Golden State produce some magic? Never count out Steph and Klay.

Who Will Win The Southwest Division?

The Southwest Division is usually a bit of a mixed bag every season. Memphis when they’re at their best look unstoppable, and then the next minute they can't put the ball in the hoop and get blown out. They do miss Ja Morant for the first 25 games of the season, which is important to remember.

Dallas will always be in with a chance to win, and I might be one of the few who is sneakily high on the Luka/Kyrie combo. I want to be high on the Pelicans hype, but I think they need to find a true PG before the trade deadline if they want to be competitive. With the Morant suspension, I think Dallas win this.

Who Will Win The Northwest Division?

The reigning champs head into the season feeling pretty good about themselves, considering Jokic didn’t touch a basketball for four months. Luckily, he’s just one of those guys who can get it done at the flick of a switch. Everyone wants to talk about the Celtics or Bucks, and I think the Nuggets like that, they’ll fly under the radar somehow and be very good once again. The other two teams that I am very keen to see this season are OKC and Minnesota.

Our very own Josh Giddey looks poised to take another big leap forward and the young talent just shows how tough they can be throughout an 82-game season. I actually think the Wolves get it together this season. It’s now clear as day that Anthony Edwards is their man and if his World Cup is anything to do by, he’s ready to explode.

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