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App17 Apr 2023

Multi Moment - Zelda

This is truly The Legend of Zelda – no, not the video game – the Dabbler! Our good mate, Zelda, produced the goods. And boy were there some good goods... We are so disappointed that no one else got on it, because imagine the celebrations if they did. This is stuff that movies (or video games) are made of.

So, just like in the movies, let us set the scene. It’s Friday night, you’re gearing up for a big night in front of the TV watching the NRL. But something just isn’t right, and no, it’s not because your KFC delivery order is 15 minutes late, it’s because you haven’t finalised your all-important bets yet for the Sharks vs Roosters game.

You’ve got an idea and head to the Dabble app to see if you can multi up that bad boy up. There are six legs you want to include;

  1. Sharks match winner
  2. Under 41.5 points
  3. Total points even
  4. Blayke Brailey anytime try scorer
  5. Briton Nikora anytime try scorer
  6. Roosters / Sharks for half-time / full-time

You feel pretty confident, you’ve done the research you know your stuff, this is your time to shine. Things are all going to plan, and your KFC arrives, which means you aren’t hangry anymore. But what’s even better, the stars are aligning, and you can feel the joy in the air. You know your multi is just about to go bang. And this isn’t just any multi, this is a $751 multi – image the amount of KFC you could buy? That’s what we call finger licking good!

Annnnnd, end scene. Unfortunately, you are not Zelda (unless one and only legend is reading this article right now, if so, do you need a new best friend?), so all this is just a movie to you, but it doesn’t have to be. Get on the app now, yes right now, and search up Zelda.

Give the legend a follow and you too can be part of the journey – who says sequels are never as good as the original. Sit back, relax, and wait for the brain of Zelda to provide awesomeness once again in the form of a mental multi that you won’t miss this time!