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App8 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - wrx747

Whoa! This multi caused waaay more damage than a meteor. We are talking catastrophic damage. It is giving off some serious Zombie Apocalypse vibes... Nah, just kidding folks. Or are we? Who knows...

Wrx747 is our newest member to hit the Trending Tipster’s corner of the Dabble website. Did someone say celebration cake? Well, we did actually indulge in some choccy mud cake today to celebrate BazFromFinance’s birthday. 🎉 Because, let’s face it, there is nothing more iconic than some choccy mud cake, are we right?

But enough about cake and zombies (for now), let’s dove into the cosmic craziness that wrx747 brought to Dabble with this out-of-this-world multi. It is kinda like they summoned a meteor shower of fortune and rode it all the way to victory. ☄️

This meteoric 4-leg multi took place on Packenham Synthetic, races 5, 6, 7, and 8. We almost think that wrx747 has the magic touch, or the stars just aligned perfectly at this very moment in time for these races. The odds? Hold onto your astronaut helmets, folks – a whopping $393.83! Yep, you read that right; it is almost as rare as spotting a shooting star.

Wanna know what horsies helped wrx747 because the star of this Dabble article? No worries, we can provide the goods (as always):

  • It’s My Turn – Fixed Win – Pakenham Synthetic – Race 5

  • Russian Meteor – Fixed Win – Pakenham Synthetic – Race 6

  • Dick Whittington – Fixed Win – Pakenham Synthetic – Race 8

    1. Exeter – Fixed Win – Pakenham Synthetic – Race 8

Now, that is a cracker lineup that could give the Milky Way a run for it’s money. It is as if they have a crystal ball to predict these cosmic victories. Or maybe they just have a sixth sense for spotting winning seeds? Either way, it is meteoric genius at its finest.

Now, before you start scouring the skies for shooting skies or alien visitors, consider this: you can shoot for the stars right here on Dabble. We have just launched same race multis, banter channels, the ability to share your bets with your best mates, and an awesome community of Dabblers who love nothing more than to celebrate your wins (meteoric or otherwise).

So, if you are not already part of this cosmic crew, why not join us? All you need to do is click this link, and you will be on your way to exploring the Dabble Galaxy of Social Betting. Who knows you might just launch your own meteoric winning streak.

Oh, wait we just saw a shooting star, brb, gotta take a pic. 🌠