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App25 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - V3nomous

Once a very wise man said “With great power comes great responsibility”, if you know what iconic movie this saying is from then you are a real one. We are very big SpiderMan fans around here at Dabble HQ, so we knew we had to start this article off with one of our favourite quotes ever!

Our spider-sense is tingling which means that it is time to share another sensational Multi Moment with y’all. This time the lucky Dabbler – or should we say SpideyDabbler? Haha, okay we really need to stop, our dad jokes are just getting way out of hand now – goes by the name V3nomous. 🕷️

V3nomous is our newest Dabbler to have swung into our Trending Tipster page, where you receive all of the glamour and glory from the one and only – Dabble! And, for very good reason, this multi definitely spun a web of excitement 😉.

Shall we swing into it? Let’s GooOoOO! Now, V3nomous, should not be feared – well, maybe just a tad 🫢. This multi consisted of 3-legs, all centred around racing! We love a good racing multi, whooo! The odds? A whopping $151.94 - now that is a number that give us a little thrill.

The legs went a little bit like this: 3. Glamour and Glory – Sunshine Coast – Race 3, 1. Johny Johny – Te Rapa – Race 9 and 2. Macs Relaxed – Devonport Synthetic – Race 7. Phew, at least Mac is relaxed, hey? We are just joking!

But hey, we are all about positivity and channelling our inner Mr. Brightside. The good news? This multi received 1 copy! Whoo hoo, congrats to the one very lucky Dabbler that was in fact not afraid of V3nomous! Sending lots of love your way. And, this is one of the very many reasons why we absolutely love our community here at Dabble. Copying bets and sharing that winning feeling! 🎉

Speaking of spreading love and embracing the superhero spirit, while we have you here, why not swing on over to the Dabble app and give V3nomous some well-deserved love? Life is like a blank canvas, and it is up to you how you want to paint it. So, why not paint it in purple?

Spin your web, head on over to the Dabble app, and put your Spidey-senses to use 🕸️. Here is a handy dandy sign-up link, and maybe, just maybe, you can join forces with V3nomous? Until next time, lots of love.