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App29 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - TXK8

Ahh, even though the Spring Carnival bids us adieu, the party doesn’t end there, baby! As one door shuts, another swings wide open. And guess what is knocking? It is none other than the highly anticipated NBA season. 🏀 Whoop Whoop!

Let’s be real for a sec, shall we? Our love affair with Basketball? Well, it blossomed way back when Troy Bolton sashayed into the scene in High School Musical – now, talk about a moment that marked every Gen Zer’s childhood, are we right?

Enough about the East High Wildcats – let's shine the spotlight on today’s MVP, TXK8, who made an epic 8-leg NBA multi look like child’s play – thanks Drake for the reference – reeling in a whopping $238.08 return! That could have given even Chad Danforth a run for his money, wouldn’t you say?

But wait, the plot thickens! Two lucky Dabblers hopped aboard the TXK8 express, tripling that winning sensation, baby! Oh yeah, that is what we are talking about. One of the cool perks of Dabble? You can copy your best mate’s bet, and if it is a win? Voila, you are celebrating together with a very tasty win! 🤑

This 8-leg multi was pure stardust material. Picture this: the Bucks vs Wizards match nearing the finish line, the Bucks needing to secure a winning margin between 1 and 10 to make this multi a winner. And guess what? They nailed it, clinching victory with a 3-point margin. Game, set, match TXK8!

Slay, is the only word that pops into our minds when we think about this multi. Curious about the other legs that rocked TXK8’s world to make that dream come true? Hunt down their Dabble profile and peep into their highlights tab for the full scoop! 🌟

Wonder what TXK8’s up to these days? We bet they are soaking up that purple Dabble glory! If we were in TXK8’s shoes, we would probably be doing a happy dance too, but hey, those are some big shoes to fill. Major kudos to our very own TXK8; we couldn’t think of a better way to start our day then by penning this smashing Dabble Multi Moment article for you.

And, today’s proud sponsor is none other than the MVP – Dabble. Surprise, surprise! Hey, we churn out these fresh articles for you lovely people day in, day out, so it is only fair we give ourselves a lil shoutout. But hey, most, importantly, if you haven’t got you very own Dabble account yet, we totes thing you should jump on the bandwagon today. Here is your ticket 🎟️ to the sign-up link!