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App14 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - TracksideTips

TracksideTips, you are a Dabble legend!

TracksideTips’ presence has been felt for quite some time, and they are back and better than ever with a massive multi that just went bang! And we are absolutely living for it, the racing enthusiasts that we are! We absolutely love a good multi on racing, and TracksideTips 5-leg did not disappoint! With odds of $77.46, TracksideTips has truly shown us why they are a veteran in the game.

Trust when we say that TracksideTips is no rookie, baby. They have solidified their position as the ultimate source for all things racing in Dabble town. When it comes to horse racing bets and multis, this is the hottest space to be. With a massive 63,944 followers and counting, TracksideTips is absolutely on fire at the moment. 🔥

Could they be the next Popular Punter to hit our site? Well, only time will tell so make sure you keep your eyes peeled 👀. As we have mentioned before, anything is possible in the Dabbleverse. With each second passing, TracksideTips edges closer to the impressive 64,000 mark, can we make it happen?

But we are about to let you in on a little secret – TracksideTips' popularity isn’t solely based on their follower count. Like come on now guys and gyals, we are living in 2023, we stopped caring about followers a long time ago. So, if you want to check out this smashing multi and get all the deets on how the multi went bang, then you totes should check out their profile.

There’s always plenty of bets to copy and banter to jump in on. If you’re a Curious George (like we are) you would have noticed that this multi had an outstanding 221 copies – that is a lot of mulla right, there. 🤑

Now, while TracksideTips proudly wears the title of Horse Racing Specialist (yes, we give them the Dabble certified tick of approval), they also like to Dabble in a little bit of NRL action too. Speaking of NRL, anyone catch the State of Orgin game 3? It was a jaw-dropping turn around for the Blues, even though they didn’t take home the crown. The game had us all of the edge of seats, kinda like TracksideTips’ multis have us eager to see if the next leg is going to pull through.

As we enter the home stretch of the working week with the weekend fast approaching and spirits soaring as the second tick by, let’s keep the energy high and get around our Multi Moment star TracksideTips!

Without a further ado, much love and peace. You have worked hard all week, it is time to play even harder over the weekend. Catch you bright and early Monday morning, let’s hope those Monday Blues don’t tag along.