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App29 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - TracksideTips

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your jockey hats and dust off your horseshoes because we have got some exciting news to share with you! You have come to the right place to catch up on all the hot gossip and happenings that has been circulating around the Dabble app. And this time, it was TracksideTips who emerges as our new Multi Moment winner!

TracksideTips is no stranger to this section of our website, and if you want to have delve into some of the epicness they have conjured up in the past, click here. Group 1 races are back from this weekend – yay. But boy oh boy, what a rollercoaster ride we had last Saturday. But let’s cut to the chase, for reals – the real star of the show was a cheeky little multi that sent shockwaves through Dabble turf.

Mr Brightside aka TracksideTips delivered a stunning 6-leg multi, with odds of $63.52, and a heart-pounding collection of equine excellence – which had us and all Dabblers at home on the edge of our seats.

The line-up was like a who's who of the racing world, a mix of speedsters, dark horses and crowd favourites. Skrt The Law, Fangirl, Our Magnus, Mr Brightside, King Of Naples, and Alaskan God – this multi was an all-star ensemble!

But here is where it gets spicy. TracksideTips wasn’t riding solo on this multi, they came with an entourage! A whopping 330 copies of this cracker bet were placed. You know that are advocates of the saying “sharing is caring” and that is exactly what was witnessed. Everyone wanted a piece of the TracksideTips’ action!

So, whether you were one of the 330 who rode this exhilarating wave or just a spectator cheering from the sidelines (or maybe not even), one thing is for sure – it was a Saturday Super Multi to remember. Not part of the fortunate 330 and feeling a bit of FOMO? Well, we can get that sorted. Click here to sign-up to Dabble!

We tip our hats to TracksideTips for the second time, and all of the Dabblers who took a chance on this epic multi. As they say, fortune favours the bold, and TracksideTips certainly lived up to that motto. We are sure that we will see you round the Dabble ends again!

If you are a part of the Dabble fam already, check out TracksideTips’ profile – they are a super active part of our online community so there is plenty of multis and bets for you to explore!

Best of luck if you ride with TracksideTips!

Love Dabble.