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App5 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - TheTippingWizard

TheTippingWizard, what a fitting Dabbler username. We are absolutely living for it!

Which takes us on a trip down memory lane when Harry Potter and the enchanting universe of the Wizarding World dominated our muggle-world (well, it still kinda lives in our heads rent-free), Gryffindor was the house that we all wished to be sorted into, and Ronald Weasley’s wand is still broken...

If you have been keeping up with our Dabble community posts, you have probably heard the whispers of TheTippingWizard. Not only are they a Dabble OG, but they are also a pure legend and a big part of our Dabble community (we smell a love potion in the air 😍). Want to become besties with The Wiz? Get to know them a bit more, here.

Given TheTippingWizard’s status as an OG, it comes as no surprise that their following count is soaring higher than a broomstick in flight. They have amassed an impressive 2,000 additional followers, and we think that it is well deserved 👏. And, don’t let their OG status fool you – their feed of multis and bets is nothing short of legendary, rivalling the sharpness of The Witcher’s sword. Anyone else binge-watching season 3? Or is it just us? Any who, if you are new to Dabble and seeking a solid starting point, TheTippingWizard is an absolute gem. 💎

Now, let’s get straight down to business – witchy business to be precise. It all started with a 5-leg multi of around the ground picks, sprinkled with a dash of Mogo Magic. The result? A mind-blowing 160 copies, and a staggering return of $154.99, baby. Trust us when we say this caused some sparks to fly in the Dabbleverse, no doubt about it.

When it comes to The Wiz, one thing you can expect is quality in quantity. We don’t want to get all studious on you, but we know that quality beat quantity any day, but if you check out their Dabble profile, you’ll see there must be some sorcery behind what The Wiz does!

If you haven’t joined TheTippingWizard fam yet, aren’t you even the tiniest bit curious to experience the magic? You never know when the next multi might just go bang! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the next big thing, because when The Wiz is involved, you never truly know what is going to happen.

Become a Dabble wizard today. Cheesy, but certainly necessary.

Until next time, may you multis be magical and your wins spellbinding ✨