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App3 Apr 2023

Multi Moment - The_Word

Mum’s the word. Justttttt kidding! There’s no way we could ever keep quiet about this. If you don’t already know what’s happened, then it’s a good thing you’re here because we are about to rock your world right to its core.

The earthquake is about to go next level because Dabbler, The_Word just landed this multi that even if you see it, it would still be difficult to believe. Now, your average multi may have three, maybe four legs, but The_Word is not your average Dabbler.

They included 15, yes 15, legs in their multi. Talk about brave! So, what were the 15 legs in the multi, we hear you ask. Well, The_Word is alllll about American sport. We’re talking the NHL and the MLB; and all the legs were for a match winner.

If you look at all the legs seperately, the odds were your average head-to-head odds, but thanks to the skills that kill from The_Word, combining all 15 legs meant the multi was sitting at odds of $392.28! Imagine if you copied that bet?! You would be swimming in so much cash, you’d probably drown. Well, if that’s the way you got to go, so be it...

The_Word is our new hero, and they would have been yours too if you got on that multi. We don’t know about you but seeing them land that multi gave us massive FOMO, and we just had to check and see what the legend has been up to.

Well, no prizes for guessing, they are still all about the multis, and there are a few greyhound bets thrown in for good measure as well. Massive multis seems to be The_Word’s thing, and as we all know, it just takes one to go bang for a juicy payday to be coming your way.

We’re so happy we brought this amazing Dabbler to your attention. You’ve read the article, now the only thing left to do is check The_Word out on the Dabble app, and of course, follow them! We know you don’t want to miss out on another tasty multi.