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App17 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - Stinny94

Rise and shine Dabblers.

We’re up bright and early (like Kylie and Stormi), because, well, we just couldn’t wait to bring you to hottest tea straight from the Dabbleverse, baby. Hey, don’t judge, we are just passionate about what we do, okay. 🥺

And speaking of passion, let’s talk about the incredible Stinny94, who possesses a hefty dose of it, and you know that we can spot passion when we see it. Didn’t catch the highly anticipated UFC 290 event? Well, Stinny94 sure did, and they saw some serious dollar signs with their showstopper of a multi. 🤑

This showstopper consisted of 5-legs that were curated with just the right amount of brains and wit to bring and explosive amount of potluck. Forget about chasing rainbows, because Stinny94 knows what they are doing.

This adrenaline-pumping multi was a perfectly curated 5-leg affair, blended with just the right amount of brains and wit to bring an explosive amount of potluck. Forget about chasing rainbows. Stinny94 knew exactly what they were doing, and they proved it with each leg of their winning combo! 🌈

It was as if the stars aligned at just the right degree for Stinny94 to ensure that Jesus Santos Aguilar was set and ready to take the win. Dan Hooker was the man of choice, followed closely by the fierce Dricus Du Plessis and the unstoppable Alexandre Pantoja. And, of course, it wouldn’t have been a true UFC 290 multi without backing the undeniable Alexander Volkanovski (obvs) to secure his victory!

As the crowd roared with excitement, so did Stinny94 when they opened their Dabble app to find a sweet, sweet win with odds boasting $75.66. With just $10 at stake, they would have secured a jaw-dropping return of $756.60! That’s a fair few Zinger boxes you could buy, and who wouldn’t want a Zinger box?

With all this talk of success, passion and smell of rainbows, there was one small detail of this fine multi that had us scratching our heads – Stinny94 is a true multi maestro, but with only 5 followers? Five! All we have to say is, damn son... If you’re on the lookout for a hot hot profile to follow on Dabble, then why not check out Stinny94? We won’t be taking no for an answer, and that is on pur. 😉

At Dabble, y’all know how we do things around here. So, if you have an itch to join in on all the action, place your bets, and maybe even flaunt your own multi wizardry, there is only one route to take – Route 66, or sign up to Dabble. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

Stay passionate, Dabblers!