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App25 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - skippy03

Skippy03, let us tell you, they are they ultimate all-rounder when it comes to punting, and boy, do we love that! While everyone has their own groove, ours is whipping up these bomb.com articles, but Skippy03, they really know how to steal the show.

They have been working OT, maybe even a little bit more than Bryson Tiller – but, hey, don’t tell him we said that 🤫. We mean, Bryson has got his own R&B kingdom and all, but we wouldn’t want to ruffle his feathers, but hey, it is what it is!

Working overtime can sometimes be a recipe for stress, but Skippy03 makes it seem like light work. How do they manage it? Well, that is a mystery we need to unravel. Perhaps we need to tee up a meeting to get the insider scoop. We will keep you posted.

Skippy03 dropped a fiyaaa 🔥 multi that if we have to be honest, left us too stunned to speak. This is why we love this section of our digital hub – you never know what kind of surprises await.

We are talking about a 6-leg multi that spanned two epic races at Cannington. But wait, there’s more – most of the multis we see on our Trending Tipsters page are all about one thing, be it racing or sports. But not Skippy03, they are a true all-rounder. Two legs were dedicated to the German Football League – anyone down for a pretzel? Three legs were all about the English Premier League, and the final was all about Italian Serie A. 🍝

Phew, we are out of breath after that one, but, seriously, that’s a cracker of a multi, don’t you think? This is the part of the article where we give skippy03 a round of applause for all of their overtime. 👏

Maybe, just maybe, you could head on over to the Dabble app and chuck them a follow or leave a comment on their most recent multi – we are sure they would love to see it!

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