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App2 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - Scoot

And in the next chapter of The Life of Scoot, the buzz continues to grow louder and louder! So, what has been happening in Scoot’s world since we last wrote a fiyaaa article about them? Well, we can say that they have gained an extra 7,548 followers to be exact – talk about some serious numbers! But that is aside from the point. We would like to present to you that Scoot is back big time, baby, and this time with a Multi Moment.

Side note, we also would just like to take a moment of silence for Scoots’ avid use of emoji’s and how absolutely killer they are * insert purple Dabble emoji *.

5 legs, 5 races, and 5 horses.... and a swarm of 15 bees (cue the mysterious music - are they killer bees, we'll never know...).

Scoot hit the ball way out of the park with an epic return of $61.53 for this multi at Doomben. With their enormous following you are probably wondering how many lucky Dabblers jumped on the bandwagon and copied this bet? Well, we can tell you that 80 lucky Dabblers took home a massive prize – all thanks to the one and only Scoot.

Don’t get us started on the comments...the Dabbleverse was absolutely buzzing with excitement (with plenty of banter to prove it).

Okay we get it, Scoot is epic, Scoot is cool, and we think he is kinda a big deal. So, what other buzztastic moments has Scoot had? Well, we want to keep some things a mystery, keep the passion alive, you know? So, you'll have to do some of the work yourself. If you check out their highlights on Dabble you can see a hive of epic bets and multis that have gone BANG and left everyone absolutely buzzing.

So next time you enter the Dabbleverse, make sure to pop past Scoot’s profile and say hey, or maybe even copy a bet...only if you dare. Until next time Scoot (we are sure we will meet again) we have no doubt that your winning streak will continue. We bee-lieve in you

Now, we think we've given Scoot enough airtime for now. But fear not, dear Dabblers, the anticipation is building every second as we carefully select the next lucky Dabbler to be featured in our articles. Just give us a moment to work our magic. To bee or not to bee, that is the question... Brb.