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App24 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - Scoot

We are switching it up a little bit today, and we wanted to shine our light on a recurring member of our Trending Tipster and Popular Punters section of our site. Can you guess who we are talking about? Well, you probably did see the title of this article before you clicked on to the page, but yes, the one and only... Scoot 🐝.

If you know, then you know that Scoot is one of our very active community members over here at Dabble and has made epic waves throughout our community. We think it is safe to say that Scoot is loved by us and loved by all. Just like we love all of you guys.

Anyways, we are not here to talk about how much we love you guys; we are here to talk about the epic moves that Scoot has been making on Dabble, and we will give you a hint; it comes in threes.

As you would all know, that one of the things that makes Dabble so unique is that we are a social betting platform. That means that when you place any bet you can add your very own unique bet descriptions. This means that our Dabblers get very creative, and Scoot being the word master that they have decided to host their very own segment called “Friday Treble”.

Scoot has many other segments, so you would totes wanna jump on over to their page and keep up to date with the latest. But, why this ‘Friday Treble” is so important is because this 3-leg multi isn’t just your regular multi.

While the odds were still looking tip top at $25.19, that isn’t why we wanted to highlight Scoot in this Multi Moment. This multi received a massive 100 copies, so not only did Scoot take home a buzzing bag of shining coins, but so did 100 of our Dabbler’s did too.

That is one of the reasons why Dabble is the best (you know we love shameless plug, sorry not sorry).

We would just like to take a moment to appreciate and say thank you to Scoot. You’re work definitely does not go unnoticed (by us and the Dabble community), which has enhanced what we are all about at Dabble – a community of people who enjoy a more inclusive, social, and engaging betting experience.

If you are not already following Scoot, well then, we totally think that you should! While you’re there leave an emoji, or even copy a bet – if you dare.

Catch y’all on the flip x