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App28 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - ryanvest

Ryanvest is the talk of the town, and we totally get why! You know that we absolutely love a good Multi Moment – we mean, come on, we post nearly every day with the hottest multis straight outta Dabble. And, boy, oh boy, did ryanvest deliver nothing but the absolute goods with their multi that was just off the charts. 💥 It is giving slay.

Now if you are already part of the Dabble community, you know why it’s the best social beting app out there – and congratulations on that! But for those who don’t know yet, let us spill the beans on some of the best features, including the mind-blowing UFC multis that make us just take little bit extra special. And ryanvest? Well, they turned the odds in their favour. 👼

In fact, ryanvest deserves a generous slice of Dabble’s second birthday cake for their epic 4-leg multi on the legendary UFC Fight Night showdown. We can’t help but wonder what flavour Dabble’s going to choose for this momentous occasion – fingers crossed for chocolate!

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and talk numbers, because we know y’all love to know the specifics. Brace yourself for this one: ryanvest’s multi saw massive numbers that skyrocketed over the 200 mark – we're talking $245.68.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up to such a sweet, sweet surprise in your bank account? Well, that is quite a shame because there were zero copy bets – no deal. Cry us a river, seriously. Who knows? Maybe the next multi that ryanvest posts, will have a fat W attached to it!

Strapped for time, well with Dabble’s fast withdrawals, you can get back to what truly matters, like that party that you have on tonight 😉.

Speaking of parties, it is not just any day – it's Dabble’s birthday! And, guess what? It falls on a Friday, talk about luck being on our side! If you are yet to jump on-board with all the festivities that will be taking place in T – 3 hours, then it is not too late. A 4-hour long livestream is something that you do not want to miss – it s going to be epic!

So, here’s the deal – If you aren’t already, you should totes go and give ryanvest a follow on Dabble. We live for these heart-pounding moments, and there is no better place to experience them than on Dabble. Wouldn’t you agree?

Until next time x