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App8 May 2023

Multi Moment - Ronaldoz

Just last week our Rising Star was Ronaldoz. We dedicated an entire article to them. They were on fire (again, not literally) with all their awesome multis, there were five of them, to be exact. And we didn't possibly think it could get any better. There was just no way. Ronaldoz did it, they had climbed Mount Everest, they were at the top. There was no higher to climb, no more to achieve.

Well, didn't they prove us wrong. We don't usually like to be wrong, but in this case, we will give Ronaldoz a pass, and write yet another article about them. Damn, we think we should change this entire section of the website to “Ronaldoz's Fan Page” because this is just getting ridiculous now...

So, obviously Ronaldoz had to do something even more epic to get featured here twice in as many weeks. It is indeed so epic, so much so that they aren't just Iron Man or Captain America or Thor, they are the entire Avengers. Yep, that's right – one person is the entire Avengers – we're the ones telling the story, and we'll tell it the way we want, thank you very much.

Now for the big reveal – the Multi Moment from Ronaldoz that just went bang was a massive 10-leg multi at an eye-popping $801.68. If that doesn't make you say OMG, then you are dead inside and probably need to get that checked out.

We aren't exactly the best at maths, but if you put $1 on that multi, you would be walking away with a cool $801.68 in your pocket. Hopefully your pants do have pockets, because $801.68 would be a little difficult to carry around with you...

What was this multi on? America's game – baseball! All MLB match winner bets. Which is completely impressive because we all know how difficult the MLB is to pick, there is always at least one upset. But Ronaldoz did the research and knew what was going to happen.

You can't blame us and say we didn't warn you; we did last week. We told you they were our Rising Star – and boyyyy did Ronaldoz rise to the occasion. As they say, the cream always rises to the top. But even though we gave you warning about how good Ronaldoz is, still no one jumped on this massive multi. Sad, sad life.

But in true Dabble spirit there were people in the comments congratulating Ronaldoz for their sick win. And some people asking to share the love! Well, woulda, coulda, shoulda, mate. The good news (other than the fact that Ronaldoz is now loaded) is that they now have 176 followers! When we wrote our first article on Ronaldoz, there were only three people following.

So now it seems as though people have got the message! And the great Ronaldoz is always looking for the next best thing, so why not take a look at their pending bets and jump on. This is your second warning – and you know what happens if we have to give you a third warning - you're out. Well, not literally, we'd never do that, but you'd be sad again, that's for sure.