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App19 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - Rhynee07

Oh, hey, we didn’t see you there. Are you ready for your weekly dose of our most epic Multi Moment’s? Well, get ready because we have an absolute cracker Multi that is going to absolutely blow your socks off.

In the world of Dabble, where bets and banter collide, we witnessed a masterpiece that even Picasso would be astonished by. Enter artist and connoisseur Rhynee007 – no, not James Bond, “Rhynee”. Who very recently pulled off a daring 4-leg multi on the greyhounds with odds of $390.72. Cue the suspenseful music... we are waiting. Talk about a solid effort.

Like a scene ripped straight from a Bond movie, Rhyne007’s multi was a daring move that had us all on the edge of our seats. We couldn’t help but admire and marvel over Rhynee007’s calculated strategy of both insanity and pure genius. It was a true display (and hats off to you Rhynee007) of skill and intuition, as each leg of the multi fell into place like a perfectly executed mission.

As news of Rhynee007’s epic feat spread like wildfire throughout the Dabble community, Dabblers from near and far gathered to celebrate this momentous victory 🫶 ! The comment section popped off with supportive messages and emojis (you know we love an emoji or two, at Dabble), proving once again that sportsmanship and camaraderie are at the heart and soul of Dabble. We stick together through thick and thin, celebrating each other’s victories with a splash of Banter. 🤝

Not the biggest fan of betting on racing? Is sport’s more your thang? Well, fear not. While this Multi Moment may have been more up the alley of our racing Dabblers, Rhynee007’s profile is brimming with explosive sports action that will make you jump onto Dabble, quicker than Usain Bolt... haha, we are just joshing.

As we wrap up another thrilling chapter in this book we like to call Dabble’s finest Multi Moments, let’s just take a minute of silence to celebrate Rhynee007’s accomplishments and the paramount joy that it has brought to our fellow community. At the end of the day, the world is your oyster and let the odds forever be in your favour.

Before we bid adieu, don’t forget to check out the scorching-hot action in our previous Trending Tipster articles (we promise they do not disappoint 😉). And, stay tuned because we know this is only the beginning... and if you have been contemplating whether or not you should join the Dabble community, then take this as your sign!

Stay suave, Dabblers... You only live once, or so they say!