Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - Rabbitoh
App20 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - Rabbitoh

When hopportunity knocks, Rabbitoh comes a-hopping! It’s Wednesday, also known as hump day, and with every tick of the clock we are hopping closer to the weekend. So, let’s carrot on and seize the day, shall we?

Alright, we admit, we have already hopped into this article with some serious cringe – but hey, that is just how we roll! It is especially fitting since our Trending Tipster of the day is none other than Rabbitoh. 🐰 We can’t help but wonder, could they be a South Sydney Rabbitoh? 🤔

It would make sense as they came storming or should we say hopping into Dabble town with a fiery 3-leg multi. Now, we thought rabbits had four legs, but hey, we will roll with it. Sporting astounding odds of $315.00, Rabbitoh is certainly living their best life, because they are a paper chaser! 💸 Sorry, you know we love our tunes and we have none other than Miss Riri playing In Dabble HQ this morning.

This epic 3-leg multi was for none other than the races, spanning across 2 different racetracks – Sandown and Riccarton park. They were backing three very cool horsies: 1. Ponzi pony, 4. Always Hapi (must have been named after us), and 3. Falcon of Malta.

$315.00 is some serious jackpot, and we would have bet a carrot that at least one Dabbler would be brave enough to jump on the bandwagon. Alas, Rabbitoh stop alone as the winner, baby. Talk about some major FOMO right there. 😏

But hold onto your horses (or should we say, rabbits!), because the rabbit magician pulled off a hare-raising track – hats off to you, Rabbitoh. You’re a star in our eyes. 🤩 Want to discover more Dabble profiles to follow? Well, you came to the right place. Why not hop on over to the Dabble app and give Rabbitoh a follow? We are sure they would appreciate the lovin’.

Rabbitoh, you have brought a new kind of magic to our Dabble world. A sprinkle of luck and a dash of skill, and voila, you have got us all spellbound. That is exactly why you now have your very own article! 👏

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