Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - PropsPax
App23 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - PRopsPax

Let’s kickstart the week with a big round of applause for PRopsPax! 🎉

It is an absolute day for it today, considering that it is Monday, and the weekend hangover is real, but guess what? Our purple light is shining bright today, and it is all thanks to this cracker multi from PRopsPax.

We’ll admit, we might have waltzed into this article with a dash of cringe, but hey, that is just how we roll. And, speaking of rolling, PRopsPax is our latest superstar in the Dabble Trending Tipster club. 👏

It only makes sense, as they came bursting onto the Dabble scene with a sizzling 3-leg multi for none other than MMAGOD’s favourite sport – UFC. By the way, MMAGOD dishes out some cracking tips right here on the Dabble site, that will give you the ultimate bragging rights, then click here. 🥊

Okay, back to PRopsPax - the star of the Trending Tipster show. This 3-leg multi had some cracker odds that took Pop Smoke’s advice ‘shoot for the stars, aim for the moon’ for real - $168.00! It is giving off some major P vibes. ✌️

In the spirit of MMAGOD and UFC Fight Night 229, let’s take a gander at the picks that tickled PRopsPax’s intuition, landing them straight on the moon.

🥊 Joaquin Buckley to win on Points – Method of Victory – Alex Morono v Joaquin Buckley

🥊 Joseph Pyfer to win by Submission – Method of Victory – Joseph Pyfer v Abdul Razak Alhassan

🥊 Bobby Green – Fight Winner – grant Dawson v Bobby Green

We bet PRopsPax was living their best life when Joaquin Buckley defeated the predicted winner, Alex Morono. 🎊 Imagine if you copied their bet? Bobby Green was a massive underdog and he pulled off a spectacular first round finish – just saying. 😉

Haven’t checked out PRopsPax’s Dabble account yet? Well, we reckon you should. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the action, especially if you are a UFC fanatic like MMAGOD. Oh, and speaking of not missing out, you can now instantly share your cracker bets with all your best mates. It is all about spreading that winning feeling with the ones you love.

Speaking of love, ever thought about joining the Dabble fam? We are the home of the social bet at the end of the day, and if that is your jam, why not give this link a cheeky click? We are pretty sure you’ll love the vibes around here!

Toodles x