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App28 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - pommyy

“My heart can’t take it anymore, if you’re creepin’, baby, I don’t wanna know”

But guess who’s been creepin’, and we are all for it? Pommyy, our newest shining star to hit the Trending Tipster scene, is here to make some noise. No more sad boi hours, folks, because today we are throwing a cosmic celebration for the ultimate Starboy – pommyy.

Save your tears, because pommyy’s rise is the stuff of legends. Brb, while we go cry because we didn’t snag any of The Weeknd presale tickets.

Now, let’s get back to business, sorry for the short interlude. Today is a day for the record books, and this article is dedicated to pommyy, so let’s turn our frowns upside down and see why the whole of Dabble land would die for pommyy – see what we did there? 😉

Pommyy has well and truly earned it – that is for sure. We promise to keep The Weeknd references to a minimum (okay, maybe just one more). This multi that just went BANG didn’t just have 6 or 8 legs (even though every number of legs is impressive in our eyes 🥹). Pommyy’s multi consisted of a jaw-dropping 21-legs – now that is what we call a mega multi!

As they say, the more legs in a multi, the less likely the odds are in your favour. But, pommyy defied the odds and emerged as the ultimate Dabble Starboy! 🌠

This victory is a milestone in their Dabble journey, and we are all about celebrating wins here at Dabble. The multi felt lke a whirlwind tour of the global sports landscape, featuring NRL, English premier League, Portugal Primeira, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A. Anyone up for some virtual margaritas?

So, call out pommyy’s name when you catch them in the Banter Channels, maybe even copy one of their bets? We think that pommyy deserves some good ol’ fashioned Dabble loving 🏩. If their style vibes with yours, then why not become e-besties? Just a thought...

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Lots of love, Dabble.