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App28 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - OndaPunt

And just like that, Rain Man strikes once again...

If you are a regular and avid follower of our articles, then the name OndaPunt should ring a bell. Much love if you have 🫶, for those that haven’t we are side eyeing you through the screen 👀. OndaPunt is no stranger to the Dabble game and we think that deserves a round of applause 👏 for their impressive track record. And, if you are new here, let us quickly get you up to speed. Essentially, OndaPunt made waves with a massive 5-leg multi back in June, 2023 (check it out here).

As expected OndaPunt has been busy at work since then and we are here to report that this multi must take the crown, with an increase of $37.78 in return. Which poses a very important question. Jordan 4’s or Jordan 1’s?

We affectionately referred to OndaPunt as “Rain Man” in our previous article, and it seems we hit the nail on the head with that one (maybe we should consider a side hustle as psychics, who knows?), with their uncanny ability to choose the winning picks. Kinda like a sixth sense... 🔮

Alright, that’s enough ramble, let’s get into the juicy deets of this dank multi that hit the Dabbleverse over the weekend. 4-leg multi, odds of $151.01, making one lucky Dabbler a very happy camper. Now, here’s a small but important detail to pay attention to – one of the legs, Lasting Kiss, had individual odds of $11. Now, those are some pretty high odds, and 9 times out of 10, we wouldn’t expect this part of the multi to pull through. But obviously it did, so cue the second round of applause for OndaPunt 👏.

It’s kinda like when Central Cee put 9 gyals in a sprinter – unbelievably impressive. Haha see what we did there? No? Okay don’t worry (smh). And let’s also not forget to mention that “Lasting Kiss” is such a cracker name for a greyhound. Talk about some serious manifesting, right there 😉.

We are totally simping for OndaPunt and they are living in all of our heads, rent free. We think we have given you plenty of reasons for our bold claims, wouldn’t you agree? So, fellow Dabbler’s, if you are seeking some serious inspo for your next multi or just wanna get in on all the fun, OndaPunt the true punting prodigy is the one to follow.

Join the Dabble fam, you won’t regret it.

Until next time, so long and farewell, catch y’all on the flip!