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App23 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - noonan1984

Oh snap, noonan1984, you’re killing it out in Dabbleland, and we are absolutely vibing to your groove.

We might need to borrow Rihanna’s umbrella for this one because, believe us when we say that, it didn’t just rain, it poured ☂️ - all thanks to the one and the only noonan1984. That is why we are rolling out the red carpet for them with their very own article, shining a spotlight on their most epic move to date.

Remember Channing Tatum’s epic moves in Step Up? Well, fast forward to today, and we think noonan1984 might just give him a run for his money, baby. So, what is the secret sauce behind noonan1984’s show-stopping performance that went absolutely BANG? Don’t worry, we have got all the juicy deets!

This multi didn’t just bring in a return; it delivered a whopping $115.84 in sweet, sweet winnings! That is a pretty penny for one pretty sensational 5-leg multi 🎀. We are pretty sure noonan1984 must be living it up somewhere tropical right now (well, we can dream, can’t we?)

Let’s break down this fine, fine multi by leg, shall we? It went something like this:

  1. Outlawed – Eagle Farm – Race 1

  2. Masonry – Sandown – Race 2

  3. Coincide – Sandown – Race 3

  4. Dunalley – Sandown – Race 4

  5. Hot Summer – Eagle Farm – Race 6

That’s a cracker line up and it is definitely bringing all of the hot summer vibes along with it. Are we right, or are we right? 🧖 We are getting a bit hot and steamy up in here, whooo... brb.

Dramatic? Maybe a tad, but we like to think of life as centre stage. So, let’s give a massive round of applause and congrats to noonan1984. When the sun shines, we shine together – that is just how we roll here at Dabble. Now, it’s your turn – hop on over to noonan1984’s profile, give ‘em a cheeky follow, or maybe even copy one of their bets? If you dare. 😉

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Until next time, adios amigos! 👋