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App12 Apr 2023

Multi Moment - nicholasg21

Well, hello there. Are you ready for your daily dose of FOMO? Okay, roll up your sleeve, this will only pinch a bit...

We just love talking about our amazing Dabblers, and this time the amazing Dabbler is nicholasg21. You know when we talk about multi moments here at Dabble, they have to be pretty special. And this multi moment left our jaws on the floor for so long we had enough protein from all the flies coming in to last a lifetime.

Sooooooo, what is this magic multi moment exactly? Let’s give you the facts.

Dabbler: nicholasg21

Legs: 8

Sport: NRL

Bet type: Anytime Tryscorer

Odds: $259.53

Yep, that’s right – odds of $259.53 for this multi! How does this guy only have 128 followers?! Get on board people, we don’t want you to miss out on the awesomeness that is nicholasg21. For those who copied the multi, well done – dinner is on you tonight – we take our rib eye steak medium rare, thanks!

If you didn’t see this multi in time and missed out, don’t worry, we know the feeling. But that’s why we write these articles – to torture you, but also to make sure you’re more informed of who the best of the best are at Dabble.

And there’s no denying that nicholasg21 is a tip-top Dabbler. So, if you like multis on all sorts of sports (not just the NRL) and winning, then it’s about time you opened the Dabble app, search for “nicholasg21” and follow them.

We’ve given you the information, what you choose to do with it is completely up to you (but we will let you in on a little secret – there's only one correct choice...).