Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - montbuck32
App13 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - montbuck32

Juicy is the one word that we would use to describe this multi that just went BANG, all thanks to montbuck32. 💥

We are riding the euphoric waves today at Dabble HQ, and this juicy multi has just catapulted us into a state of pure bless. “Siri, play Rushing Back, by Flume”. With vibes this electric, you would think today is our lucky day!

For all you newbies, welcome to our Trending Tipster corner in the vibrant world of Dabble! This is where our purple spotlight shines brightly on the hottest Dabblers in our online community. And trust us, this one’s a showstopper you absolutely don’t wanna miss.

Montbuck32, an icon, a star, a legend, blazed a new trail with their 3-leg multi that had us all wanting to follow suit. Those 3-legs? Oh boy, they hit the jackpot, delivering a massive retunr on $90.87. That is a whole lotta green that could make anyone green with envy. 🤑

Now, we all know that Dabble is the OG home of copy bet. Imagine if you had hopped on the montbuck32 bandwagon and copied their bet. You could have tasted that sweet victory too! Because hey, sharing really is caring 🤝. Major FOMO alert, and we are feeling the twinge too.

Curious about the deets of this 3-leg multi? Well, since we are striding into the peak of Spring Carnival (one of our favourite times at Dabble – with Christmas coming in at close second, also just around the corner), this juicy multi found its home on the iconic Randwick track.

Montbuck32, you called it from the get-go - this Multi Moment was dripping with juiciness 🧃. If we haven’t convinced you to become Ebesties with montbuck32 after reading this article, then we are sorry to break it to you – we don’t know what will!

All you need to do is open the Dabble app on your phone and hit that big ol’ follow button for montbuck32. Trust us, it is well-deserved. You can explore all of their other sizzling bets on their profile and relive that winning feeling once more.

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Ciao 👋