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App30 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - mikelowreey

Talk about starting your week off on the right foot! Picture this: waking up on a Monday morning, squinty-eyed, and boom! Your multi comes out victorious overnight. Let’s be honest, Monday’s are like the Olympics-level of mornings – tough and sometimes soul-crushing (come on, admit it, we know you feel us). But for mikelowreey, this Monday kicked off with one very special Dabble notification.

Now, let’s dive into why this Multi Moment sent our hearts aflutter (trust us, they are all special – we love our Dabblers to the moon and back). But hey, what made this particular Multi Moment have us sporting rose-tinted glasses you ask?

Bingo! You got it, superstar. It is those odds! Mikelowreey isn’t just wearing sunglasses; they are wearing em at night – oh yeah! The odds for this multi skyrocketed past the moon 🌝, right up to the jaw-dropping $504.00 mark. Zoo wee mama!

Remember the wise saying “Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon”? Well, mikelowreey epitomised it with this multi. Imagine if you had copied this bet? You would be basking in the limelight – maybe even planning a Vegas escapade? 🎊 Hold up, ‘cause we are getting a smidge of FOMO right now.

Oops, our bad – we have been holding out on you. Time for the nitty-gritty of this multi – brace yourselves. Not only did it boast odds that soared, but it did some with just 3 legs! Talk about a stellar performance packed in a small bundle. Size doesn’t matter, folks, it is the impact that counts.

We reckon a tête-à-tête with mikelowreey is in order 'cause we need to unravel the strategy behind this EPL (English Premier League) multi. One of the legs banked on Aston Villa bagging a 2-1 victory over the Tottenham Hotspur’s. Ollie Watkins must've been mikelowreey's lucky charm as he sealed the deal with that winning goal for the Villains.

A dash of common sense and a whole lotta luck—that's our motto for today! So, it's just common sense to whip out your phone, tap open the Dabble app, and hit that follow button on mikelowreey, don't you agree?

Alright guys, we're off to refuel with some lunch before our stomachs start a rebellion. Until next time! Oh, and hey, if you haven't taken the plunge into the Dabble world yet, here's the golden ticket 🎫 to get started with the ultimate social betting platform! Ready, set, go!