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App31 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - MickysMail

MickysMail has once again secured a spot in our community hub right here on Dabble. If you are a part of the Dabble app fam, chances are you have already stumbled upon their profile and noticed how active they are within our community. If you are on the hunt for another cracker article that is all about MickysMail, just click here.

If you are a regular around here – like we are a regular at Starbucks (their pumpkin spice latte has us in a chokehold), then you would be well-verse in how these Multi Moments roll. But guess what? Today, we are turning up the heat, because it is getting hot in here. 🔥

MickysMail didn’t just hit a 10-leg multi; they set it on fire, and the entire Dabble community went wild! This multi did not just send MickysMail to cloud nine ☁️, but it also gave 166 lucky Dabblers a taste of that euphoric winning feeling.

Now, you might wonder how. Well, if you didn’t already know, we have got this super-duper feature called Copy Bet. Which allows you to copy any bet that tickles your fancy. MickysMail seems to have this down pat, and we are pretty sure their followers who missed out on jumping on this one has a serious case of FOMO.

With the number of copies, you can bet the comment section of this bet went absolutely bananas. MickysMail’s phone must have been buzzing non-stop with notifications. And here we are, feeling a little sad because the only notifications we seem to get lately are from Pizza Hut with their ‘Sunday Specials’. 🥹

But back to the multi – so, it had 10 legs, but what grand prize did 167 lucky Dabblers (including MickysMail) take home? Wanna take a guess? Well, no need, we will spill the beans - $108.42! Now, that is a whole lot of dough, baby! This is just one of the many reasons why we adore Dabble (shameless plug, soz not soz). Sharing is caring, baby. 🤝

Let’s take a moment to give a big shoutout and a heartfelt thank you to MickysMail. Your awesomeness doesn’t go unnoticed, both by us and the Dabble community. You have added an extra dose of what makes Dabble special – a community of people who revel in a more inclusive, social, and engaging betting experience.

If you are not already following MickysMail, then we totes think you should. Don’t have a Dabble account? No stress, hit this sign-up link.