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App8 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - Luck1eone


What was that you ask? Well, that was the sweet sweet sound of Luck1eone hitting the absolute jackpot. Kaching! 🤑 We honestly felt like we were in the Lotus Hotel and Casino – if you know what we are talking about, then you know.

But hey, before we jump into the juicy goss that just hit Dabble town, let us introduce ourselves (especially if you are new here). Welcome to our Trending Tipster’s community hub, where we shine our purple spotlight on our freshest and fiercest Dabblers. We are all about celebrating and backing our mates victories, and well, that is precisely what this corner of our website is all about.

And, this time, the spotlight is on the one and only Luck1eone. Cue a round of applause! 👏 Seriously, we have got to hand it to Luck1eone; you have either been touched by a lucky star or something, or maybe the stars just aligned at the right moment for this multi to pull through – or you’re a genius. Could be either!

Percy Jackson called, and he asked for his lightning back. But, Luck1eone didn’t just steal the lightning; they made it their own! With odds boasting higher than our favourite angel number – 222. Yep, crazy right? The odds of this epic 10-leg multi stood as tall as $262.72. That is some major P’s!

Oh, and get this right! This epic multi covered one sport that we hold very dear to our hearts 💟. Soccer, or as some corners of the world would say “football”, but to us it is all the same. From the English Premier League to the French Ligue 1, to the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga.

We sound like Tion Wayne lately, because all we have to say is “WOW”. Luck1eone, summer is so close we can almost smell it, tell us that you will be taking a nice summer vacation with your winnings? Or at the very least, indulge in a pina colada. 🍹

Maybe it is time to join the Luck1eone bandwagon; who knows, you might be able to share the winning feeling together? Remember – sharing is caring 🤝 Oh, and did you know that you can share your that winning feeling with your family and best mates with Share Bet? Yeah, we have everything that you need over at Dabble. Check it out, it is live in the app now!

Don’t have a Dabble account? Well, that is a shame. But, don’t worry we can get your sorted. All you need to do is click this link and you’re one step closer to becoming part of the winning team!

Love 🌟