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App22 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - Lost64

Can you feel the rhythm? We are about to boogie down to celebrate Lost64. We have decked ourselves out in the fanciest party gear – sparkles sparkling, dancing shoes ready to rock. Get ready, cause after this Multi Moment, it is time to groove!

Every single time we sit down to write one of these articles you know that it is like a party – we might actually need to get a purple disco ball for Dabble HQ – that would be pretty fitting don’t you think? But, Lost64 has really got us in all of the party vibes today. Siri, can you please play “Water” by Tyla, brb while we shake what our mama gave us. 💃

Lost64 is no stranger to a good chase. If you are curious about their vibe, head straight to the Dabble App, peek at their profile, and soak in all those deets. We are feeling a bit like YouTube influencers today – lights, camera, action!

But wait, let’s reel it in. Time for a few Lost64 fun facts:

  • They’re rocking a fan club of 686 followers (as of this very moment)

  • Green is their colour crush (we are guessing, but it is a solid bet) &

  • They have earned the title “Mr Invincible” after nailing an 8-leg racing multi out of the Dabblestratosphere.

Wow, 8 legs? That is seriously impressive in our books. And just when you think it can’t get any cooler, wait until you see the odds of this epic Multi Moment.

$96.61 - Talk about Simply Xtravagent, that’s chefs kiss baby! Lost64 has either got enchanted dancing shoes bringing them luck or a sixth sense for picking the winning stars. Either way, we are here for everything Lost64’s bringing to the party!

But hey, before you try reaching those stars like Lost64, remember – you can aim for them right here on Dabble. We have got the lot including: the coolest merch round town, banging banter channels, NBA trackers, and, of course, and epic Dabble fam who love to cheer on your wins just as much as you do.

Here is a magical link that can teleport you to the Land of Dabble. Just click right here and voila, you are strolling down the yellow brick road.

Oops! There goes a shooting star, gotta snap it for the gram real quick. Toodles x