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App31 May 2023

Multi Moment - Leo366

In a galaxy far, far away where NRL reigns supreme, one star shines brighter than the rest. May we present Leo366, a superstar NRL enthusiast whose love for all things NRL is written in the stars. Brace yourself for some serious out-of-this-world action, because Leo366’s recent adventure is about to rock your universe, literally.

Alright, hold onto your space hats (okay, that was kinda cheesy, we’ll stop, maybe...actually no soz we can't stop...) - because Leo366 has just launched a jaw-dropping move (and no, we’re not talking about MJ’s iconic moonwalk). Leo366 placed a 3 leg multi on, you guessed it, the NRL, that defied all odds.

We’re talking about Jordan Riki, Damien Cook, and Phoenix Crossland as anytime tryscorers. The odds? We are talking a massive 253.01! Wow, we are sure doing a lot of talking right now, someone get us a lozenger pleaseeeee! It was like a cosmic domino effect, with one player after another nailing those tries. This is sheer proof that even in the vastness of the NRL, Leo366 knows how to play their cards – or should we say, stars – right.

NRL may be life for Leo366, and their track record proves it. Leo366’s winning streak is literally out of this world. Isn’t that enough to give you some serious FOMO, so serious you might even have to go to the doctor to get it checked out? Now hold up, before you jump to conclusions, we have even more tea. Get ready for some major spillage...

Leo366 placed another multi – this time a two-leg, on the NRL, which went bang with odds of $33. Maybe it is not as huge as their Multi Moment, but come on, you can have to admit that is some crazy NRL action, and $33 is nothing to be sneezed at, we'd like to see you do better, seriously! Like a shooting star, Leo366 has definitely gone the distance.

I think it is safe to say that Leo366 is on fire, blazing through the Dabble universe like a supernova. Get this, Leo366 scored a whopping eight wins in a single week. Eight! Now, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the all-powerful force of Leo366. Aren't we nice to bring this to your attention? We think we deserve a prize or something, we'll settle for a self-pat on the back for now – a job well done if you ask us.

May the force of Leo366 be with you x