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App19 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - Kylehubbs

Your excellency,

We gather here today to honour and present to you the most illustrious figure in the realm of Dabble – the extraordinary Kylehubbs. A luminary of unmatched distinction, one whose valour and wisdom shine like the Northern Star. 🌃

In the court of Dabble, where dreams intertwine with destiny, Kylehubbs has emerged as a beacon of brilliance, with a 6-leg multi that only a virtuso of the mind could conjure up with an enchanting $243.84 return. Each leg, a thread intricately woven to create a masterpiece of chance and fortune.

Okay, okay, that is enough of writing like we are Lady Whistledown straight out of the 1800’s for one day. Even though we will let you in on a little secret – we kinda love it! It is giving very much immaculate vibes. ✨

Such poweress and determination was percieved from the almighty Kylehubbs and we are absolutely living for it. Kylehubbs is an astound fan of sports and just wanted to help out the lads with some W’s - at the end of the day who wants to cop an L (definitely not us!)

Kylehubbs has built up quite a following on the Dabble app, with 1073 loyal followers, and if we have to be honest we can only put that down to the sheer alchemy of their wits and maybe just maybe the stars in the night sky, aligning at the perfect moment in Kylehubbs’ favour.

They are a fine purveyor of not just the NRL, but dabble in a little bit of MLB and Tennis. Go on have a geez at their profile (we know you want to), you might just be surprised at the illuminating path to untold riches.

May the winds of fortune forever blow in Kylehubbs’ favour, and may his renown grow far and wide of Dabble. A toast (we think it is only fitting that we do) to the mastermind, whose cunning calculations weave the tapestry of triumph!

Not a part of the Dabble fam yet? Well, like they say, there is no better power than the POWER OF NOW so, here is a handy link.

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