Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - kivi034
App6 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - kivi034

Kivi034 has set the court on fire with a sizzling FIBA World Cup Championship Multi! 🏆

🚨 Fun Fact Alert🚨 The FIBA World Cup is like the Olympics of basketball, happening only once every four years! This means it’s a showdown of the world’s top basketball talent, and trust us, it is a big deal. Okay, we might sound a tad like Google right now, but hey, knowledge is power, right?

Now, let’s get back to business – we have got some slam-dunk FIBA markets waiting for you on the Dabble app. But hey, we are not here to give you a sales pitch (well, maybe just a smidge), we are here to shine a spotlight on the one and only kivi034.

Hold onto your basketballs because it is time to give kivi034 a massive round of applause! 👏 They have scored a spot on Dabble’s Trending Tipsters, and we could not be any prouder. We are having a proud mom moment right now!

So, you might be wondering what kivi034 did to earn their moment in the spotlight – well, we are about to spill the tea.

This epic multi was like a perfectly executed strategy (or maybe kivi034 has superhuman powers and a crystal ball 👀). But what really sets it apart is that kivi034 nailed each leg for total points in the FIBA World Cup! Yep, you read that righy, every single one!

Here is the breakdown of their winning plays:

  • Leg 1 – Cape Verde to beat Finland – Total Points over 169

  • Leg 2 – Angola to conquer China – Total Points over 157

  • Leg 3 – New Zealand to outplay versus Mexico – Total Points over 171

  • Leg 4 – Ivory Coast to triumph Lebanon – Total Points over 159

Whew, that was a whirlwind! Kivi034, your superpowers have truly shone through in this epic multi. You have earned the Dabble crown for this one because not a single Dabbler was brave enough to follow you lead and copy your bet. Major FOMO moment right there!

If you are as impressed as us, don’t walk, run on over to the Dabble app and hit that follow button for this absolute legend. They have more than certain earned some love, don’t you agree?

And if you haven’t heard of Dabble yet, well, where have you been? Living under a pineapple under the sea? Just kidding, but seriously, Dabble is the coolest social betting app in town. Sign up right here and join in on all the fun.

A wise person once said - “It might be or it may not”. Catch ya next time.