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App19 Sep 2023

Multi Moment - justineggert

Justineggert sent this Multi Moment straight into the bleachers, with an absolute moonshoot, babyyy! 🌝

Justineggert has caused some serious damage with this one – so you know that we had to run to and grab our laptop and write up this article pronto. You guys know that we are on it like maple syrup on hot cakes, so you guys get the DL ASAP.

We are over the moon to talk about this Multi Moment, as these articles hold a special place in our hearts 🏩 - not just because we write them, but because they let us showcase the hottest and Trending Tipsters on Dabble. You can swing by this corner of our website to discover some stellar Dabblers to follow.

Given that we dubbed this multi a moonshot, you might have already guessed the sport. That is right! It’s MLB (Major League Baseball) - you know how much we adore our puns! This extravaganza featured 3 legs that were unmistakably homeruns 😉.

This game in question was the Atlanta Braves versus the Philadelphia Phillies, with Matt Olsen, Ronald Acuna, and Trey Turner all smashing homeruns. And guess what, baby? They all delivered! Leaving justineggert with a whopping $106.00 return. Talk about some sweet, sweet, cash! 💸

And what is even more exciting is that justineggert managed to score 1 copy bet. Meaning one lucky Dabbler hopped on justineggert’s bandwagon and also cashed in on those sweet winnings! Yay! 💃 You know what they say - “sharing is caring” and we adore seeing our Dabblers copying bets and spreading that winning feeling with their mates.

Did you know that sharing your bet with your best mate is as easy as a tap of a button? Yep, you heard it here first! All you need to do is click the share button on your profile feed and share it with your lucky companion! Pretty dope, right?

Let’s seize this collective moment to congratulate justineggert for just being that cool. We mean, they did just land themselves on one of the coolest pages of the Dabble website. So, here is a toast to you! 🥂

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