Dabble Trending Tipsters Multi Moment - Jimmy_Jazz
App16 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - Jimmy_Jazz

We have a good feeling about this one, and you know what we always listen to our gut, because our gut is never wrong.

And, that is exactly what Jimmy_Jazz did with their multi that just went BANG! Sometimes, you don’t need to be a genius to pull off what Jimmy_Jazz did; all you need is a bit of luck, followed by some risk-taking, with a sprinkle of intuition. 🤑

Jimmy_Jazz is the newest Dabbler to become a certified Dabble Trending Tipster ✅, securing their spot in the most iconic section of our website, where we proudly display the rising stars and hottest tipsters within the vibrant Dabble community. Yep, you know that Dabble has got it’s eyes on everything, like a digital hawk!

Clearly, Jimmy_Jazz has got the NRL game down to an art, and their latest multi is a true masterpiece in itself. Picture this: a whopping 5-leg multi spread across 5 exhilarating NRL matches, with odds hotter than a habanero pepper dipped in hot sauce. 🌶️

Feeling brave enough to guess the odds? Well, if you have already set your eyes on our article banner, you might be nodding your head in agreement. But, hey, let’s drumroll it anyway because these numbers are worth celebrating. Get ready for it - $207.90 🤯.

Let's have a look at the juicy details 🧃 of this sizzling multi that has got everyone talking about.

Dylan Brown anytime try scorer in the Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels showdown.

Cody Walker anytime try scorer in the Sydney Rabbitohs v St. George Illawarra Dragons match.

Adam Pompey anytime try scorer, taking centre stage in the West Tigers v New Zealand Warriors clash.

Billy Smith anytime try scorer as Sydney Roosters face off against the Dolphins.

Dane Gagai anytime try scorer when the Newcastly Knights battle the Canterbury Bulldogs.

This is what we love the most about our job, is that we get to see our amazing Dabblers put their good skills to the test. And Jimmy_Jazz really hit the nail on the head with this one. So, if you haven’t check out Jimmy_Jazz’s profile yet, head on over to the Dabble app and suss them out. Maybe even shoot them a cheeky follow?

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Until next time, lots of love. 👋