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App30 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - I_AM

Introducing the enigmatic figure known as I_AM. Who is I_AM, you ask? Well, that’s a mystery that we have yet to unravel. I_AM is who they are, and we are absolutely sliving for it! One thing is for sure though, I_AM is red hot at the moment, and it would be a real shame if you were to miss out on all the hot hot action 🔥.

Oh, and take a guess at their Dabble emoji, it is actually quite intriguing and we are yet to see another Dabbler use it. Can you guess what it might be? Here’s a hint: 👁️‍🗨️. Could it hold the key to I_AM’s true identity? Only the universe knows...

We believe that I_AM has earned some serious bragging rights for the epic multi that they produced during the week. Kind of like all of the lucky people that bagged Taylor Swift tickets (we are so jelly). So essentially the multi consisted of 11-legs on the MLB – and this is where it gets really good – with odds of $430.11. Now can you see why we think I_AM’s bragging rights are well deserved?

Although we have seen some absolute heat lately, we really have to give I_AM a pat on the back. This multi sent shockwaves through the Dabble community and as per our investigation, this is one of the highest winning multi’s that we have seen in some time. So, kudos, congrats, cheers.

(Check out this epic multi with smashing odds of $801.68 performed by the one and only Ronaldoz).

Now, math isn’t our strong suit (what's 9 + 10? 21, duh), but if we are correct if you placed a gold coin on this bet, then you would walk away with a very shiny $430.11. That is some serious mulla, baby. You might even need a bigger wallet to handle such big bucks. 💸

In this age of unprecedented excitement and anticipation, where the Dabble community yearns for remarkable stories and awe-inspiring achievements. I_AM emerges as a symbol of optimism and possibility 💖. The enigma that surrounds them only adds to the allure – wow we are being super mysterious today, maybe I_AM has rubbed off on us.

Wanna keep your finger on the pulse? Well, if our inklings are correct, we can expect some big things from I_AM. So, if we were you head on over to the Dabbleverse (Dabble app) and show some love to our upcoming Dabble star.

Embrace the mystery, embrace the excitement, and let's all embark on this incredible journey of I_AM together.

Until we meet again, stay curious and slive on! 🕊️