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App20 Jun 2023

Multi Moment - gartuf94

Did you guys miss us? Well, to be fair, it has only been like one day (hehe). But hey, we’re back and ready to bring you the hottest Multi Moment’s on Dabble’s market right now! Thanks to our amazing Dabbler’s, we have been spoilt rotten with a choice of multi’s that have been absolutely smashed out of the park (both metaphorically and literally). In fact, this is our second Multi Moment in the span of two days (which is a new record 👏), and trust us, there is plenty in the pipeline. Check out our previous Multi Moment article here. ⬅️

One thing that we absolutely love about our Trending Tipster’s section on the Dabble website is the sheer diversity (What else would you expect from Dabble – it's kinda our thing). It is like opening a box of Favourite’s (an Aussie classic, just an fyi). You just never know what flavour you’re gonna get. 😈

Alrighty, that is enough rambling for now - we can get a bit carried away, anyways, please give a round of applause for the one and the only gartuf94. A true sports enthusiast who lives and breathes all thing sports, especially Motorsport, and any exciting event that includes 4 legs and runs - run, Forrest, run! And that is exactly what gartuf94 does when it comes to the punt.

With a passion for punting and a love for an adrenaline rush, gartuf94 has captured the hearts of 199 Dabblers (just one away from that magical 200 mark, our OCD is peaking right now). So, what magic did gartuf94 conjure up to be featured in the hottest article of the century? Well, we have got the insider scoop.

Gartuf94 redefined the game with a daring 14-leg multi on the grand stage of the Major League Baseball. With odds standing tall at a jaw-dropped $197.26, gartuf94 was not playing it safe, they were playing for some serious cash, money, baby! Like a fearless ballplayer swinging for the fences, gartuf94 meticulously selected each leg, strategising to take home a bag full of riches.

But, here’s the twist (there’s always a twist lately) - despite the sheer brilliance of gartuf94’s multi, it didn’t receive a single copy from fellow Dabblers. Only two comments graced the comment section of gartuf94’s victory and we couldn’t help but shake our heads. At the end of the day, if you want to cop an L, then that’s on you – don't say we didn’t warn you.

It is all love around here, we just like to have a lil bit of banter with you guys. 🫶

Anyways, we are sure that we will catch ya in our next Trending Tipster article. Until then, Adios Amigos.

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