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App25 Apr 2023

Multi Moment - flameback

This Dabbler is on fire! Not literally, but flameback just landed this epic multi and we are going to keep a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case – better to be safe than sorry. There were many awesome multi moments across the weekend, but we just couldn't go past what flameback was able to produce – which was heat, lots of heat.

Friday nights are usually the single best time of the week but imagine how much happier you would be if you got on this multi from flameback, which was on the Eels vs Broncos game. There would be lots of streamers and party poppers, that's for sure. Things may even get out of hand, and an entire chocolate cake would be eaten.

NRL games can be tricky to bet on, especially in multis, because there is usually at least one odd result, and anything can happen. We give you Exhibit A: the Titans blowing a 26-0 lead to go on to lose to the Dolphins 28-26...

Our utter disbelief of what happened in the Titans vs Dolphins game was matched when we realised what happened a couple of days earlier when flameback brought the heat. We're talking 40+ degree day, so hot you would have had to stay home from school.

By now you probably want to know more about the multi, right? This multi had six legs – just like a spider who's lost two legs. So, not like a crazy 10+ leg multi – but still a bold move. It was certainly a bold strategy Cotton...let's see if it pays off...

Well, just like in Dodgeball, the strategy did pay off and the good guys got the win. Unfortunately, there isn't a Ben Stiller in this story, but we will make up for it by telling you this multi was paying $301. That's got to be enough money to buy Average Joe's Gym, for sure.

The legs in this multi consisted of:

  1. Herbie Farnworth anytime try scorer
  2. Clinton Gutherson anytime try scorer
  3. Kotoni Staggs anytime try scorer
  4. Maika Sivo anytime try scorer
  5. Brisbane match winner three way
  6. Total points under 42.5

So, what has the great flameback been up to since this major win? Well, after some serious celebrations, they were back at it with more NRL multis. As we all now know, flameback has got the track record, so it makes sense to get on whatever they are getting on – you don't want to miss out on another massive multi that goes bang, now do you?

The good news is that the NRL is on every week, and there are many multis to be had. We've given you all the information you need, and you can do what you want with it! We know you are just like us and suffer from a serious case of FOMO, so it was only fair that we shared this with you.

Who knows when the next multi moment will go bang, but one thing is for sure, we will have the fire extinguisher at the ready! Until then my good friends, we bid you farewell...happy punting.