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App6 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - dmack345

Dmack345, a fresh face in Dabble town, made an explosive entrance over the weekend with a fire multi that just went BANG! The showdown between the Cronulla Sharks and the St Georg Dragons last Thursday was the canvas for this epic masterpiece, and boy oh boy did it deliver the absolute goods.

While we do cherish our beloved OGs and rising Dabblers, discovering new talent is what we do best - and dmack345 is our newest freshie to hit Dabble’s Hall of Fame. Despite only having 27 followers (come on guys, we are in 2023 follower count doesn’t matter), dmack435has proved their worth and secured a spot in the hottest blog on the web.

And, let us tell you that the multi that dmack345 cooked up in the kitchen, brought some heaaat 🔥. We can’t lie this multi has been living in our minds rent free – like we just can’t stop thinking about it! The odds of this extraordinary multi are off the charts, baby, surpassing even some of our biggest and hottest multi’s. Let’s play a game of guess the odds, shall we?

$400? 🔥 It is getting hot in here, so hot!

$500? 🔥🔥 Getting really hot!

$600? 💸💸💸 Jackpot, right on the money, baby.

Let’s just take a moment of silence. We can hear the choir of angels singing their heavenly song, with beams of lights signing down from the gods. Major starry eye moment. However, this time around, luck favoured dmack345 alone, as the bet yielded zero copies – which is a major frowny face, FOMO moment.

Just imagine all of the possibilities of what you could do with that mullaaa, baby. The possibilities are endless. You could treat yourself to all of the m&m’s in the world (we know that is what we would be purchasing 👀) or indulge in anything that tickles your fancy, really. It’s giving self-care if you ask us.

Let dmack345 be an inspiration and a reminder to us all that in the Dabbleverse, dreams really can turn into a reality in the blink of an eye. Whether you're a seasoned vet or a freshie, know that we love you all 🫶, and we are so glad to be here with you.

Dabble is the home of the social bet at the end of the day – so join the community and Dabble on! What are you waiting for? We know you want too.

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