Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - Deanogaz
App29 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - Deanogaz

Deanogaz has made quite the entrance into the Dabble world of Trending Tipsters, and we are absolutely buzzing to spill all of the tea! 🚀

Now, this multi that Deanogaz whipped up is a bit of a game-changer. Sure, we often dive into some epic racing, AFL, and NRL multis, but this on, is something truly epic. We are talking about a multi so impressive that even MMAgod would raise an eyebrow in admiration. In fact, we might just ask him real quick what he thinks, hold up! 🥊

In case you haven’t caught on yet, Deanogaz took us straight into the heart of the UFC 292, baby! The UFC has been sizzling here at Dabble and is the hottest topic on everyone’s lips. And guess what? Dabble actually has a very special event for the upcoming UFC 293 event. Click here for all of the juicy details. Trust us, this is one event that you do not want to miss out on.

But let's cricle back to what we are really here to rave about – Deanogaz's epic 6-leg multi that just went BANG! You know that it was like New Year’s Eve when the final leg pulled through – and we can agree that this one brought some very nice coin along with it as well.

Now, even though Deanogaz didn’t take a swing at the Sterling vs. O’Malley fight – we were definitely in the O’Malley corner – talk about an epic showdown! But, that doesn’t matter because what Deanogaz did land was a very nice $733.68 odds for this multi.

We know, we know – crazy right! Deanogaz certainly hit the jackpot with this one. If you are feeling a twinge of FOMO right now, trust us, you are not alone. Imagine having copied this bet – you could have been $733.68 richer. Now, that is what we call a winning move, baby!

Apologies if we have stirred up an unnecessary amount of FOMO, but hey, call us Dabble’s #1 Hype Squad – we think we deserve a promotion for this one (just kidding, but seriously)! And guess what? It is not too late; you can still get in on all the action by joining the Dabble community. Not sure how? Well, it is as simple as clicking this link and filling out the form.

We have to tip our hats to Deanogaz for this epic Multi Moment and for diving head first into the UFC spirit. As Dabble likes to say, “Go big or go home”, and Deanogaz unquestionably went BIG with this one! So, a massive congrats, kudos, bravo!