Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - Dean236
App21 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - Dean236

Wagwan, Dabblers 👋

This spring carnival season has been an absolute blast, but it is a bit of bummer to see it wrap up. But hey, they say when one door closes, another opens, right? So, bring on next year's carnival, we say. We will start a countdown calendar, brb. 🗓️

Amidst all the spring spectacles, let’s roll out the red carpet for our newest star of the Dabble stage – Dean239. Wondering what Dean239 did to land this super special Trending Tipster spotlight? Well, don’t worry because you know we always have the piping hot tea.

Hold onto your seats, folks, because this one is going to blow your Dabble socks off. Dean239’s epic multi took place at Rosehill, just in time for the thrilling Five Diamonds races. And let us tell you, it wasn’t just the races that made this multi stand out – there is something else that made it shine like a diamond. Any guesses?

This beast had 7 legs, covering a whopping 8 out of 10 races on the 11th of November 2023. Jaw-dropping, right? The odds? A cool $121.86. Now, let’s dissect this multi leg by leg and uncover what led Dean239 to that pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. 🌈

    1. Touristic – Fixed Place – Rosehill – Race 1
    1. Speycaster – Fixed Place – Rosehill – Race 2
    1. Eagle Nest – Fixed Win – Rosehill – Race 3
    1. The Dramatist – Fixed Place – Rosehill – Race 4
    1. Shadows of Love – Fixed Win – Rosehill – Race 5
    1. Shangri La Express – Fixed Win – Rosehill – Race 7
    1. Unspoken – Fixed Place – Rosehill – Race 8

Now, that is a cracker multi! And the Dabble community thought so too. The comments section on this one sizzled hotter than a bucket of KFC’s Popcorn Chicken. Picking winners and placers at one racetrack is a feat worthy of applause – and maybe even a prize!

Speaking of prizes, this article is a trophy in itself, so major kudos to Dean239 for scoring a spot in Dabble’s Trending Tipster’s section. You’re a shining star in our Dabble galaxy here at HQ. If you are not already on board the Dean239 train, well, what are you waiting for? Open the Dabble app and hit that follow button to become BFFs with Dean239.

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