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App31 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - Daurelohia1992

Whether you are a seasoned vet or a rookie – Dabble has something for everyone.

As the home of social betting, we are right on trend with the rise of the digital world. I mean, who isn’t on social media these days, right? And let me tell you, our Dabble community never ceases to amaze us. Today’s standout member we would love to introduce you to is Daurelohia1992, with a very special fan base of 106 dabblers cheering them on. They might just be the next big thing, but hey, we’re just assuming here – we will let you be the judge. 🤑

Speaking of assumptions, did you know that 1992 babies are turning 30 this year? It is true but don’t let that number fool you. We have heard that 30 is the new 20, so slay.

But let’s cut to the chase and get back to the real good stuff – the multi that just went BANG! Today, we are switching things up with an NRL multi, and boy, it’s a good one! Newcastle Knights v Melbourne Storm was the game of the day, and for those in the know, the Knights took home the well-earned crown. Well done, Knights!

Now, let’s break for this epic multi:

☄️ Newcastle – Match Winner

☄️ Bradman Best to score anytime

☄️ Dominic Young to score anytime

☄️ Greg Marzhew to score anytime

☄️ Lachlan Fitzgibbon to score anytime.

What a cracker multi if we must say so ourselves! So, give Daurielohia1992 an big round of applause. 👏 They have certainly earned a spot in our prestigious Dabble Hall of Fame with this winning bet. If you see them floating around the Dabble app, make sure to give them a warm hello or even sneak in a cheeky follow. Who knows? They might just have another fiyaaa multi up their sleeve!

Curious to see what else Daurielohia1992 has been up to? Say less, jump on over to their profile and have a geez, we can attest that there are some pretty cracker bets in there.

Want to have a suss at the other multis that went BANG? Well, all you have to do is click this link right here. We promise you that it will not disappoint.

You know what comes next, do we even need to add this sentence into our articles anymore? Probably not, but we are going to anyway. Shameless plug time – not on dabble yet? Well, we don’t know what rock you have been living under, but if you wanna join the Dabble fam, click here.