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App17 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - danwalker

Danwalker, oh yeah, danwalker!

The name of everyone’s lips – seriously, it is the talk of the town! Today, we have got something extraordinary for you, live and in action – a Multi Moment that left everyone (yes, even our mum, believe it or not) totally speechless.

The main event of today’s show? Take a wild guess – yep, none other than Danwalker. Describing themselves as down-to-earth and happy-go-lucky – what a vibe! We are pretty sure even Michael Jackson would give that description a “hee hee”.

Danwalker was like a smooth criminal, moonwalking into the Dabbleverse with a very slick 3-leg multi that had odds so spicy, they were almost too hot to handle. Wait for it! You ready to find out the juicy digits? Alright, alright, alright, brace yourself - $440.30. Yep! You read it right, don’t stress, you do not need to go to Specsavers. 👀

It is giving, cha-ching baby 🤑. Siri play “Work” by Rihanna and Drake, brb, we need a lil dance break to celebrate. Just imagine this for one second – you copied danwalker’s multi? Then you would have been savouring that amazing winning feeling. We are feeling a bit of FOMO right now, we cannot lie.🤭

Okay, let's try and push the FOMO aside for a sec and dive into why this multi was so amazing! This 3-leg multi rocked two racetracks: Grafton and Swan Hill. The winning picks? 1. Cassia Lane (Fixed Win), 10. Supreme Thunder (Fixed Win), 2. Seething Seb (Fixed Place). Talk about a star-studded lineup by danwalker!

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And this one is for danwalker. Kudos, congrats, bravo, a job well done from the team here at Dabble. We are pretty sure we will see you around these ends again. Not following danwalker? That is an easy fix, open the Dabble app and press that big ol’ follow button and join the danwalker express. Remember, we are all about that community spirit over here at Dabble.

We love you all, baiii!