Dabbles Trending Tipster Multi Moment - CLB9
App18 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - CLB9

Introducing CLB9 to the Trending Tipsters club! 👏 The vibes are off the charts today – the sun is doing its thing (you the know the vibes hit different), the tunes are immaculate, and this multi is just the icing on the cake.

CLB9 has unleashed a scorcher with this 4-leg multi boasting odds that are legit out of this world - $524.79. Hold up, did we accidentally stumble upon a typo? Nope, you read it right. Even we had to do a double-take, don’t worry 🤯!

If you are a regular round these Trending Tipster ends, you would know that we usually like to keep it a tad mysterious, but today we are an open book. Gotta admit, we are kind of living for it – total slay alert.

Anyway, back to the epic Multi Moment that just went BANG! So, we know it had 4 legs, but what were they all about? Well, the tea is piping hot, and we are spilling it. We are talking racing, baby! This time, at the iconic Toowoomba Race Track, spread across race 4, race 5, race 6, and race 7.

Let’s break down the legs that helped CLB9 hit that purple jackpot:

    1. Porky – Fixed Win – Toowoomba – Race 4
    1. Hot Bananas – Fixed Win – Toowoomba – Race 5
    1. Connewarre – Fixed Win – Toowoomba – Race 6
    1. Helen’s Dream – Toowoomba – Race 7

Talk about a dream line-up, CLB9! You definitely hit the bullseye with that one 🎯. But, wait a sec – with all of this greatness, you would think CLB9 would be rocking it with the Popular Punters section of our website, right? Surprisingly, they have got a mere 162 followers, which, in our very humble opinion, isn’t a slay.

Head on over to the Dabble app, and give ‘em a follow, because why not? YOLO! Thanks for coming to our Trending Tipster talk, it was lovely having you here.

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Ciao. 🚀