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App29 May 2023

Multi Moment - chocko

Chocolate holds a special place in our hearts here at the Dabble office. You know those moments when you need that 3pm pick-me-up? Chocolate just hits the spot...with its perfect balance of sweetness and excitement. But enough about the munchies, let us introduce you to our Multi Moment of the week: the one and only chocko (cue the clever wordplay)!

Chocko’s Multi Moment was an absolute golden ticket to pure excitement, and we couldn’t agree more. Just imagine this: it’s Round 10 and you kick it off with a 5-leg AFL multi with odds that could make your heart skip a beat (yes, literally) with odds soaring as high as $397.80. Yet, what makes it even more shocking is that this mesmerising multi received 0 copies or comments – talk about some serious FOMO, right?

We all know that AFL is a wild roller-coaster ride. One moment your team is dominating with a staggering 50-point lead at half-time, and the next, you’re on the edge of your seat as they fight tooth and nail to reclaim their sweet victory. It is a thrilling dance of anticipation and heart-stopping moments (kind of like the nature of a Turkish Delight – seemingly delightful until you discover the unexpected centre). But fear not, because chocko knows how to embrace the chaos with open arms...or should we say, open taste buds?

In true Dabbler style, chocko loves spreading the love and supporting fellow Dabblers with a copy bet (because, honestly, who doesn’t?) So, why not return the favour and hop abroad the chocko bandwagon and share the love. Whether you’re a die-hard West Coast Eagles fan, or not, maybe you’re looking for your next exciting adventure, there’s room for everyone!

But wait there’s more! AFL is just the beginning of this sweet escape. Brace yourself, because chocko is charging ahead with a pending 13-leg multi for the French Open. Talk about venturing into unchartered territories! Chocko’s appetite for adventure knows no boundaries, that’s for sure.

Chocko sets the perfect example for sweet, sweet Dabble victories. At the end of the day, life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get...Actually, we can’t promise an endless supply of chocolate, but we can guarantee that this is one journey that you do not want to miss out on. Give good ol’ chocko a follow, or don’t, but just remember, we did say, “told ya so”.