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App24 Oct 2023

Multi Moment - carlos31

Carlos31 is a runner, a track star🥇. This epic Multi Moment left a mark, and we are not talking about a little scratch – it is more like a total knockout. It is giving major “Rich Baby Daddy” vibes 🤑 Oh, and speaking of vibes, our music radar has been hot on Drakes latest drop, “For All The Dog’s” - it is straight fire and has been on repeat.

“Amen”, is right! We couldn’t help but praise this iconic move by the one and only Carlos31. If you are a regular visitor to this corner of the Dabble website, you are a legend. But, if you are new here, welcome 👋, you have come to the right place. This is the hottest spot to catch up on what has been happening in Dabble history, all handpicked by yours truly.

You know that we would never slime you out, so let’s see how carlos31 managed to get themself their very own article. This multi produced not 1, but 4 BANGS, as each leg of this 4-leg multi was perfectly curated from the gods.

This multi wasn’t about anything else but the races, baby! Speaking of races, who else is pumped for the biggest race of the year? T-minus 2 weeks, baby! But we are getting sidetracked – back to carlos31. The odds were out of this world - $172.80 - yes, you read the right!

What is even more bombastic is that this multi spanned across four different tracks – Broken Hill – Race 5, Albion Park – Race 12, Richmond – Race 9, and Canberra – Race 7. Now, that is what we call a dream line up. 🌌

We spy with our little eye, that carlos31 only has 81 followers 🤯. We think they deserve a whole lot more loving. If you are feeling the love today (we know we certainly are 🥰), open up the Dabble app on your phone, and check out their profile. They have got a lineup of cracker bets that you can copy, only if you are dare.

Don’t have a Dabble account? Well, that is a bummer, but don’t worry, it is an easy fix. All you need to do is click this link to create and personalise your very own Dabble account. Pick a cool username (extra points for creativity), choose your emoji, and dive right into Australia’s best social betting platform. What more could you ask for?

Congrats carlos31! This win was well-deserved, and you guys know that we give credit where credit is due. Until next time, good luck, and may the odds forever be in your favour.