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App18 May 2023

Multi Moment - cammysmooth

Nope, we have got someone even smoother than a Smooth Criminal here, and they go by cammysmooth. This legend delivered nothing but greatness over the weekend with a jaw dropping Multi Moment in the world of UFC. I mean you could call him a UFC seasoned vet at the least. Move over MJ, because cammysmooth is here to take the stage.

But hold up, this Smooth Operator isn’t just dominating the UFC; they have also been racking up impressive wins on the horse racing scene. Yeah baby, yeah! Trust us when we say that they've got as many hits as MJ and Sade combined. But, enough about that let’s get into the juicy goss and talk about the monumental multi that made some serious bank – the 3-leg submission that sky-rocketed cammysmooth’s fame and fortune.

Cammysmooth’s submission multi was smoother than MJ in “Smooth Criminal”, ranking in a massive return of $121.20. Can you imagine the amount of KFC you could feast on with that kind of cash? It’s finger-licking good! Who would’ve thought that UFC could lead to a bucketful of fried chicken? Talk about punny, wink wink. Almeida was an absolute beast, with a flawless 5-0 record taking down heavyweight Rozenstruik in the first round at 3:43. That is what you call a knockout punch ladies and gentlemen.

Now, also around the same time cammysmooth decided that three legs just wasn’t enough! They placed an 11-leg multi on the UFC. Yep, 11 legs, that’s way more legs than a daddy long legs spider. But, in the end, it lost by one leg, isn’t that always the way...

We knew the legend that is cammysmooth was on a roll, so there was no better time to give them control of a CBS! Their CBS was fire, of course, would you expect anything less from the great cammysmooth? A total of 126 Dabblers jumped on the bandwagon – signed, sealed and delivered the absolute goods. The CBS went bang!

We totally get it, you might be feeling a bit bummed about missing out on those absolute fire bets – trust us, we would be too. But fear not, cammysmooth’s rise to stardom has only just begun. Jump onto Dabble and check out cammysmooth’s profile, and you might just find yourself strutting down the Hollywood Boulevard of winners. Cammysmooth always spills the beans with a kickass breakdown of their multis, giving you the ultimate advantage. We mean what more could you ask for? Not a lot, that’s for sure.

Join the cammysmooth revolution! Unlock Hollywood stardom with their winning expertise. Don’t wait to become a VIP, because time is ticking literally...Let cammysmooth guide you to victory and beyond, it is time to unlock your winning potential.