Dabble Trending Tipster Multi Moment - CamBets
App31 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - CamBets

CamBets has been absolutely slaying it out here with their Same Game Multi 🎉

Ah, it is Thursday, that sweet scent of the weekend tickling our senses, and the vibes are soaring high. We are not saying that we live for the weekends, but hey, we firmly believe in working hard and playing even harder!

So, grab yourself a snack or two (we won’t judge; we are probably munching on a delicious cheeseboard right now), because we are about to unveil a Same Game Multi that is going to blow your mind, brought to you by the none other than the legendary CamBets. And speaking of legends, did you know that Back Cam eats roast lamb? Yep, that is just one of this many things you can discover on their profile. 🐑

After some serious investigation and top-notch detective skills, we can confirm that CamBets just hit a monumental milestone in Dabble history with their latest multi. Seriously, this one is so big it should come with a warning label – Prepare to be amazed!

OMG, that is all we could say when we first laid eyes on this multi – no cap!🔥 Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: a 6-leg multi, one very fortunate Dabble copy with their eyes on the prize 👀, and an eye-bursting $1001.00 return. Yes, you read that right, and no, we didn’t accidentally add an extra zero (trust us, we triple checked). It is the kind of win that leaves you speechless, but CamBets truly deserves this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But you know what made this win even more spectacular? The Dabble community rallying behind CamBets. The comment section of this multi went absolutely BANG! 59 Dabblers joined forces to support CamBets, and that is precisely why we adore our Dabble community. We are all about sharing wins, riding the Dabble wave, and celebrating together!

Now, let’s spill the beans on the epic showdown that led to this glorious win. The 6-leg multi that had us all on the edge of our seats was for none other than the Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels NRL game. It was a clash of the titans, and CamBets seized the moment like a champ!

Feeling a twinge of FOMO? Well, we wouldn’t blame you... but, it is never too late – so, never say never as the wise Justin Bieber once said. The Dabble community is waiting with open arms. Clicky here to start your Dabble journey.

So, here is to CamBets, the Same Game Multi Magician. This is a win for the record books, and we are so excited to see what is coming in the future. Hol’ up, while we consult with our crystal ball. 🔮

Catch ya 👋