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App15 Aug 2023

Multi Moment - burgy95

Burgy95, consider us truly impressed – you have transformed into our very own “Cavallo Rampante”, and that deserves a standing ovation! Now, just like you, we had to do a quick Google search to unveil the meaning behind “Cavallo Rampante” - which by the way, translates to “Prancing Horse”, the emblem of none other than the luxury auto brand Ferrari. You learn something new every day here at Dabble, and we are living for every nugget of knowledge. 🇮🇹

It is like you harnessed the energy of the prancing horse, Burgy95, and let it gallop through your epic 5-leg multi. Siri, “Ferrari Horses” by D-Block Europe, RAYE. By the way, that is one of our favourite songs of all time – see, the learning never stops. 😉

Comparing your multi to a late summer’s day by the Sorrento harbour, basking in the sun with an Aperol Spritz in one hand and a heavenly bowl of Cacio e Pepe in the other – that is saying something. It is like aiming for the stars and landing on the moon, yet you didn’t just land, you soared. 🤌

Since we have hyped this epic multi up to the moon, let’s reveal the juicy deets – Burgy95's 5-leg multi, a symphony or racing brilliance with odds hitting a dazzling $224.49. The action unfolded across not one, not two, but four electrifying racetracks – Sandown, Doomben, Warwick Farm, and Belmont. It is like a whirlwind tour of the racing circuit, and Burgy95 was the conductor leading the way.

At Dabble, we are not just about celebrating wins; we also salute the heart, the strategy, and the unapologetic sprit of the game. So Burgy95 take a well-deserved bow – because your journey, your wins, they are etching their mark on our Dabble Hall of Fame.

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As we wrap up this article and start piecing together a vision board (complete with Sorrento dreams), let’s shower one final round of applause onto the scene-stealer Burgy95, because there is a world of greatness awaiting you.