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App28 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - BrianLara

Zoo Wee Mama, BrianLara you have been absolutely smashing it over here in Dabbleland, and let us tell you we are absolutely living for it!

Let us start this article by saying that we might need to borrow Rihanna’s umbrella for this one – because when we say it rained, it poured – all thanks to the one and only BrianLara. We had to roll out our VIP purple Dabble carpet and dedicate a full-on Trending Tipster article to honour this champ. Let the confetti rain down! 🎉

We love a good multi that just goes BANG and this one might have just been more iconic than the Kardashian, Barker wedding that took place early last year. So, you must be wondering what is the secret sauce behind BrianLara’s epic Mulit Moment that just went BANG? Strap yourself in, because we have all the juicy deets. 🧃

First off, BrianLara's secret recipe included not three, not two, but a mighty 4-leg multi. And here comes the spice! The odds that accompanied these legs were sizzling at $88.62. Talk about a sweet, sweet return! You know what they say—great things come in small packages, and this multi was a petite powerhouse.

Hold your horses; we can't forget the pièce de resistance—this epic multi took place at none other than Caulfield, covering races 4, 5, 6, & 9, all in Fixed Place. That's a winning combo right there, folks. BrianLara has definitely got that secret sauce recipe down pat!

Imagine if you had jumped on the BrianLara train? You could have been well on your way to winning town baby. We kind have a twinge of FOMO right now, brb.

To wrap up this epic Multi Moment, BrianLara has surely earned the ultimate bragging rights—getting their own feature article in one of the hottest spots on the web right now. We're all about community vibes here at Dabble, so why not show some love? Go on, hit that follow button on BrianLara's profile. Because, hey, YOLO!

And now, a blast from the past segment—🚨 Shameless Plug 🚨 because we haven’t done one of these in a while and we lowkey miss it. If you're not part of the coolest social betting fam yet, then take this as your sign. We have a handy-dandy sign-up link that is super easy to use. All you have to do is click right here. You can thank us later.

Lots of love x