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App26 Jul 2023

Multi Moment - Bradonej255


It is just another day on Dabble Island, the sun is shining, the waves are crashing on the shore, and the birds are chirping. The smell of coconut and sea salt fill the air....

Oh wait, we are actually still in the middle of Winter here in Australia, but we are definitely dreaming of a summer tropical holiday. But, here at Dabble every day is kind of like a holiday – especially with all of these fiyaaa multis that keep blessing our feeds. 🙏

Today’s hot new contestant is the one and only Bradonej255. Bradonej255 is the 44th contestant to hit the Dabble villa and we are absolutely living for it and the future is looking really bright – we might even be putting all of our eggs in your basket. 😉

This Multi Moment was simply Irresistible Sir and we think it is safe to say that our heads have been officially turned. Okay, we seriously need to stop channelling our inner Iain Striling... iykyk, but it is just iconic. Sorry, not sorry.

Bradonej255 came crashing into the villa, all hot and steamy – quite literally. With a 4-leg multi on the horses, baby. And let us tell you that the odds were epic. The racing gods must have been on Bradonej255’s side, as this multi hit the mark in nothing other than sizzlin’ style. But, we don’t expect anything less from our Dabblers.

That isn’t all that Bradonej255 has achieved during their time at the Dabble villa. They have accumulated a stunning 530 followers – which is all round a stunning hun 👏. Much grafting would have had to be done... although this epic multi didn’t receive any copies. Which is such a shame, because there were some big bucks on the line. Oh, well, as they say – it is what it is!

As the sun sets on the Dabble villa, we are reminded that the heart of soul of Dabble is all within the camaraderie and the joy of sharing these moments together – and there is nothing that we love to share with you more than epic Multi Moment’s like this one from Bradonej255 🫶

Who will be the next hot contestant to stir the pot in the Dabble villa, you better stay tuned because it is only a matter of time before the next multi goes bang...

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Who will be the next Dabbler to visit the Dabble villa? Only the future will tell, until then we will be sippin' a mojito at happy hour. Catch ya. 😘