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App13 Nov 2023

Multi Moment - Basnet

Hey there, Dabblers! Last week was an absolute whirlwind, especially with the Spring Carnival season wrapping up and our Melbourne Cup event that was basically the talk of the town. If you missed out on all the juicy deets, don't stress – we've got you covered! Check it out here and soak in the vibes. 😉

But hold your horses, that is not what we came here to talk about! Let’s dive into the stellar 15-leg multi crafter by our Dabble superstar, Basnet. Now, if you are not familiar with Basnet’s Dabble journey, we spilled the tea about them not too long ago – peep the article here for the lowdown.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this epic multi, there is something we need to shout about. You know how Dabble is the ultimate home of Copy Bet, right? Well, our Dabble fam absolutely blew us away with this one – y’all know what that means right? Dabblers joining together to share the epic winning feeling.

Alright that is enough yapping, Shanice – Basnet's multi received a total of 29 copies! Were you one of the lucky Dabblers to jump on the Basnet train? No? Experiencing a slight amount of FOMO? No worries, just hit that follow button for Basnet – they are waiting to be your Dabble bestie. 🫶

Now, with a grand total of 15-legs, you must be wondering: how on earth did Basnet pull off this massive multi with 15 green ticks? We would absolutely love to spill the secrets, but alas, our invitation for that super crucial business meeting with Basnet must have gotten lost in the mail. What we can tell you is this multi boasted some serious odds – a mind-blowing $147.13! No funny business here, just pure winning feels, babyyy! 🤑

Here is a fun fact for your Monday arvo: Basnet’s last Multi Moment was all about soccer (or football, whatevery floats your boat), and guess what? This one is no different. Seems like Basnet has a real knack for the beautiful game? Maybe even a little bit of a pro, don’t you think?

Let’s give Basnet a round of applause – landing not one but two special Dabble Multi Moment articles is no small feat. We are sure we will be seeing more of you around these parts! And hey, if you haven’t joined the Dabble fam yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up here, it is easy as pie! 🥧

Peace and love!